5 Tools Every Android Developer Must Know

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Tools For Android Developers

Android development for individual who start out on their own and are looking at all the aspects of development on their own are surely juggling between lot of roles as making an android app is demanding task when you want the best results for your work. So to ease out your work we are showcasing the 5 tools which would help you to some extend increase your productivity and concentrate on the core app functionality itself. So lets have a look

1. NinjaMock

ninja mock
A Simple Mock Up

NinjaMock is an mocking tools for Android, iOS, Windows etc, Having a design sketch in front of you while the development helps you in realizing the code and the NinjaMock is just the perfect tool to get you started with mocking up.The mock up you see in the above image is created by me in 3 minutes, its that easy


  1.  Add your own images
  2. Various screen elements available(Like Tab Button View, View,Spinner View,List View etc) (with drag and drop functionality)
  3. Icon and Images
  4. Generate Assets from the mock up

The NinjaMock is one of the best mocking tools out there

2. Android Asset Studio

android asset studio

Andoid Asset Studio is one place stop for all your project asset need. Android Asset Studio provides you with multiple options from generating icons to styles for your action bar it simplifies the development all together


  1. Icon Generator
  2. Nine Patch Image Generator
  3. Action Bar Style Generator 


icons for android

Icons4Android is like a treat to those developers looking to give the professional touch to their application, Icons4Android provides large number of icons for developers categorized into many categories so as to make you able to find the perfect icon. They have an icon for almost every posible thing you could want during your development


  1. Large Collection Of Icons
  2. Categorized List Of Icons  
  3. Every Icons Available In 10 Different Color
  4. Every Icon Comes With Android Specific Size (Ldpi, Mdip, Hdpi etc)


Android arsenal

Android Arsenal is like a huge directory of android specific libraries it has a huge collection of android libraries any developer would need, The list of Libraries is well categorized and every library is put up into appropriate category so as to help you find the perfect 3rd party library for any of your development needs

1.Huge Collection Of Libraries
2.Well Categorized
3.Constantly Updating The Collection

5.GenyMotion Emulator


GenyMotion is an Android Emulator which helps you to test your android applications, The major problem with the bundled emulator is its slow boot up time, GenyMotion Emulator tackles this probably efficiently .
To know how to get started with GenyMotion you can read our article -How To Make Your Android Emulator Boot 150x Faster


  1. Faster BootUp
  2. Easy Setup
  3. Huge Collection of Devices
  4. Free of cost

Akash bangad

Computer Engineer from Maharashtra,India. Trying to make my way in the world of mobile development. Steve Jobs admirer and techy at heart.


  1. Cool ! Seems to be a helpful share .. Well done mate (y)

    1. Thank You!
      Stay tuned to the blog lot more exciting stuff coming up for all the android developers.

    2. Android Chat Head Library
      Chat head is new feature which floats on screen instead of residing inside conventional application. This feature is very continent for multitasking as user can work and chat at the same time.
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  2. I find invisionapp more convenient than ninjamock.

    Also I would recommend devappsdirect , https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inappsquared.devappsdirect&hl=en as you can easily try out the libraries in your device before using them and http://www.appance.com/category/android/ for Android libraries.

  3. Cool. Don't forget about the http://android-libs.com :)

    1. Great Suggestion, Will add this to the next list of tools. Stay tuned to the blog as lot more to come

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  4. It would Helpful If you add download links . It would create urgency of use of tools Btw Nice UI

    1. If you click on the title of the tools name, you are taken to the respective web site.

  5. I was reading your article and wondered if you had considered creating an ebook on this subject.

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  7. can i download a full package of icons? One by one download would be a difficult task

  8. Fix your web site. Decide if your links open in the page or in a new window. proofread before publishing!

  9. hey please can u tell me that how to import Android arsenal library project into my project and how to use their components.i tried a lot of type but my Android studio 1.3 giving errors repetitively.

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