Android Game Engines For Beginners And Their Documentation

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Android Game Engines

Every android developer in some point of his development career thinks about getting into android game development and if you are reading this its mostly likely you are among one of those developers and when you dive into the world of game development one term will you would always come across is "Game Engines". This game engines have provided developers a neat platform for developing their games from just an idea to a reality

So what are Game Engines and how you could benefit from them?

In simple words, Game Engine can be thought of a library created with gaming kept in mind it has many 
pre-designed class's which help you set backdrop of your game, provide physics relations and much more.

Which game engine should I use as a beginner?

As a beginner you should probably look for a game engine which has a very good documentation and is popular at the same time as not all the topics are covered in documentation and so a Google search of the issue also could help you out. Now we researched for you and came across 2 such engines you could use

libGDX Game Engine
Now I wish they could name this something better as the name makes it look much complicated but it's not that complicated. libgdx is a written in java with some C and C++ functions. the main thing which sets this apart and most preferable for developers is its nice documentation to start you off and once you complete the documentation you have many tutorials and samples to start your development

Games build with libgdx - Name the brand, Battle of Sheeps, Attack Of killed Ball etc.



Cocos2d is a game framework for android and is based on cocos2d-iphone. It uses java and is feature rich engine for 2d game development. Documentation is sufficient to start you off with the development
Games Build with Cocos2d-x - What the hell, Jelly 8, Tap and Split etc.

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