6 Tips To Make Your Android Apps Look Beautiful

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Android Apps Beautiful

Developing android application is one thing and developing beautiful android application is another. The Process of building application is one in which you can start out with fixed protocol and steps which need to be followed to reach your goal but designing application is something which requires Creativity and Design Prospective. But there are some things which are must follow while the designing process in android development and to help you understand those we here at Android4Devs have come up with some very use full tips which you can implement in your next project to give it a new shine. 
So let’s get started   

1. Icon Design Matters

Launcher icon is one of those design aspects of your project on which you should probably try to spend most of the brainstorming sessions and creativity. Launcher icons are very important part of your app as they are the identity of your app on the App Store. Launcher icon is the one which probably creates the first impression of your app on the users.

How launcher icons should be?

gmail iconapp icon

1. Avoid Adding text to the launcher icon and try to implement it mostly in pictorial type of logo design

2. Follow the 48 DP rhythm for the Launcher icon and 512 DP for Play Store
3. According to the official guideline, provide icon in 3-deminsional fashion
4. Use the color which will be most prominent color visible to the user when the apps in use. Mostly try to use only 2 colors for the icon.
5. Design the icon in vector format
6. Don’t stick with the circles, rectangles, and square (unless you actually need it) use irregular shapes.
7. Always check official iconography guideline page before designing

Applying this tips and a little creativity you could surely build professional quality icons.

2. Bring Your Branding To Action Bar

Action Bar is the place where you can bring your branding and make a place for your brand in the users eyes. Styling action bar is not that straight forward and so we encourage you to use the asset studio to bring in the basic styling and later add your touch to the action bar. Here are some more tips to make the most out of the action bar

Action Bar Android
Example Action bar from Bleach Report App

1. Don’t stick with the text for the title of the action bar try to use the image
2. Make the background color of the Action bar match contrast with your app icon
3. Replace the overflow menu with the custom icon

Make your brand shine with the action bar and make an impression on the user.

3. Typography Improves Design

When you jump onto android development you would sooner or later realize how important typography is and how drastically it can change your app design and make it look beautiful, Explaining the typography is far away from the scope of this article so instead of explaining the theory we would give you tips we gained in our development experience 

Roboto Font

Android provide Type-Face Roboto which comes in different formats, for starters this typeface would surely be enough for your design needs, but the Roboto comes in 2 different flavors Roboto which are Roboto (Regular)
Roboto Condensed

Roboto has three main types which are Roboto-Thin, Roboto-Medium, Roboto-Regular.

expand text android

Roboto-Thin and Roboto-Regular are the typefaces you should use for the Titles, Links and Captions for your app development.
Roboto-Condensed should be used for used for large text such as descriptions and details.

Using the above pattern will help you improve the design and of course you are not limited to the above pattern and we encourage you to experiment and make the most of it.

Margins For Apps4. Margins Are Must

Designing in any fields requires you to apply this property to your design margins are surely the must and they should be done in the precise manner over margining or less margining my damage your design now the margins completely depend upon the designer and how he wants his design elements aligned. There are some tips which we can share to help you get started.

1. Provide margins first of all to the parent container of your layout an industry standard for margins for the parent container is 8dp.
2. Space elements in your layout at least a 3dp away from each other for visibility

3. Text should are should have a specific height margin

Adding the margins help you make the design well-spaced and beautiful in users perspective

5. Performance – As all that glitter is not gold

performance of apps

Keeping in mind the above phrase the having a good design isn't the only thing that makes your application beautiful the performance of the application is also important so here are some tips to help you optimize the performance of your application 

1. Use Image Caching for the images loading through the internet. To make your work easier here are some libraries that would add image caching just as easy as adding a line of code.

2.Use view recycling, Recycling view helps you optimize the performance of your android application.
Try Avoid using GIFs or any other animating image formats as according to official guidelines GIFs are a no-no for the android environment

3.Use Async-Task to work of the UI thread for your network or data loading tasks.
This tips will help you optimize the code and make a beautiful experience for your users.

6. Animations And Transitions Are Pleasing

Twitter TransitionWe will make this real quick, Animations and Transitions are eye pleasing and also give a premium feel to your application using animations and transitions appropriately will help you make your app look like the one of those premium apps on the play store

 1. Use Animating transitions for the activity change for example if you look at the twitter app you would see whenever you click on tweet the new activity slides in from the right, such a effects adds a new touch to the application. 
      2. Add transitions for image zoom which gives the user the feel of not leaving the app.

      Finally Don’t use animation excessively.
You can learn more about animation on android developer’s official page

Hope you liked the post
If you have any suggestions please comment.

Akash bangad

Computer Engineer from Maharashtra,India. Trying to make my way in the world of mobile development. Steve Jobs admirer and techy at heart.


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