One Book to Take Your Android Development from Intermediate to Advanced Level

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Android Development Book

Starting out android development is pretty straight forward and there are lot of resources to help you grasp the concepts and learn the development, the official android developers website is a good place to start and later on you can just browse around the internet for your needs. The tough part comes when you get around the basic concepts and look to advance your skills, when you are in this stage of the development, you would probably realise that only tutorials won’t be sufficient you need a proper understanding and examples to grasp the concept clearly and to this a book would be a perfect option. So we are here with our recommendation, we are providing only one book as the recommendation so you don’t get confused 

The Book we are recommending is 

Android Programming: Pushing the Limits by Erik Hellman
This book is the powerhouse of useful tips and resources. The book starts with fine tuning your android skills and chapter by chapter tackles each and every advance concept you as a developer should know. The book provides detailed information on Custom View Creation,
Multi-Touch Gesture, User Interface, User Experience, Android Graphics, Background processing, Networking, Maps API and much more

Here are some points which this book promises
    Android Programming
  • Optimize your components for the smoothest user    experience possible
  • Create your own custom Views
  • Push the boundaries of the Android SDK
  • Master Android Studio and Gradle
  • Make optimal use of the Android audio, video and graphics APIs
  • Program in Text-To-Speech and Speech Recognition
  • Make the most of the new Android maps and location API
  • Use Android connectivity technologies to communicate with remote devices
  • Perform background processing
  • Use Android cryptography APIs
  • Find and safely use hidden Android APIs
  • Cloud enable your applications with Google Play Services
  • Distribute and sell your applications on Google Play Store

This Book is for you if you have a mediocre experience in android development and you have good understanding of the basic concepts. If you haven’t ever published your application to android store just because you couldn’t obtain the certain functionality or couldn’t get that professional finish to the application then this book is just for you
So go ahead and get this book, Buy Now 

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