Social Integration for Your Android App Made Easier

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Social Integration for android

Social networks are the part of every person who is online and integrating those social networks in your app is now a must, given their wide reach and popularity adding the social aspect to your application can increase your applications audience and at the same time create a more engaging experience for your user. When developing for android you can add social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus etc. by including their SDK but the process of the setup and access are particular not that straight forward. So today we would be showcasing two android library which would easy your social integration for android and make it all work seamlessly. 

The First Library which we would like to recommend is



This is a fairly easy and most preferred SDK for the Integration of different Social networks in your android application, with SocialAuth Android you can integrate Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn and many other all in one application without any hassle. SocialAuth Has a great community support and this library is constantly updating and fixing the bugs. Their list of supported social networks would surely won’t disappoint you.  Adding SocialAuth To a project is fairly simple and the documentation on the website is easy to understand and provides a guide for every social network they support.


Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, Foursquare, Google, Google Plus, Instagram, Flickr, Runkeeper, Yammer, Yahoo.


User Profile, Get Contact, Update Status, Upload Image, Feed Plugin, Career Plugin, Update Story, Access Token, Downloading Async, Support for Google TV. 

ASNE Android

ASNE is an extension to Android Social Network (ASN) library which improvises the previous library. ASNE is another light weight easy to use the library for android which work for you within seconds of including it in your project. It eliminates all the boilerplate code and gives easy access to the social networks. You just have to create a SocialNetworkManager object, add module and configure Android Manifest file. ASNE provides support for major well know Social networks though it lacks some of the ones which SocialAuth Android Provides.


Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus.


Login, Configure necessary permissions, Get Access Token, Get Profile, Share Message, Share Photo, Share Link, Check if Friends, Get list of Friends, Add Friends by id, Remove Friends.

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