App Awards To Increase Your App Exposure and Promotion

App development awards are very competitive and hard to win but the good part of this app development contests are even if you don't grab the top spot of the award and just manage to get in the nominations that could also bring a lot of media attention to your app and thus increase your app audience significantly and if you manage to win then you get money along with the media attention and other goodies increasing your app exposure and promoting it among the community thus app development awards are win win situation from a developers point of view

And to minimize your efforts in finding a perfect app award to apply to I have made list of best app awards availab, So lets start the list

1. Mobileys
This is the first in the list, Mobileys acknowledges the mobile app developers who have made a difference and implemented a positive impact on the lives of the people so if you think you fit in this category then go ahead and apply.

1st Pos - $10,000
2nd Pos - $5,000
3rd Pos - $2,500
Peoples choice - $2,500

1. Should be an early stage app which is recently launched
2. The app should be a game changer creating a positive impact upon the users.
3. App should be demo able
4. The App should run on wireless networks (not just WiFi)
As with all other awards wining is not easy for a app but do not hesitate to nominate if you fill in all the criteria. Mobileys is widely media acclaimed and could bring your application in the spot light

2. Ericsson Awards

This is a global app competition where a jury of judges from the company as well as experts from the tech sector would judge your application there are basically two categories in which you can participate one is for students and one is for business. The best app will be seleceted by the jury among the above categories

Prizes (2014)
1st Pos - Euro 25,000
2nd Pos -Euro 10,000
3rd to 10th place nominees would receive diploma and honory mentions

3. The Best Mobile App Awards

This award accepts all the applications irrespective of what category it falls under The Best Mobile App Awards is a little different in its prize giving technique as it doesnt hand out cash prizes but provides the app to 40+ trusted news sites and thus increases the exposure of the application. It also claims to increase the downloads of the application by 5% only by nominating your application plus your app will be listed as nominee for every. but this app awards requires you to pay the fees for nominating your app in their awards.
You can go ahead browse by the category and submit your application to The Best Mobile App Awards on their website if you feel you could benefit from this program

Notable mention for App Awards

1. The Appster Awards
2. AppCircus Awards
3. Best App Ever Awards

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