The Complete List Of Libraries And Resources For Implementing Material Design In Your App

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Its been quite a while since the material design has been out and many of the top notch and indie developers have already started implementing the material design into their new or existing Apps.

With the material design in lime light few resources and libraries are also out there to ease your development process and to reduce your work in searching the libraries and resources I have made a list of the best android material design libraries and resources which would help you implement it
So lets get started with the list.

1. Google Material Design Guideline

This is very obvious and i am sure most of you developers have already gone through this guidelines but if you haven't yet went though it deeply then i would really suggest to give it a read and get familiar with the material design concepts and working before trying to implement it in your application. Guideline is very easy to understand and provides every concept in great detail it also points you to the different code implementation of the concepts as well.

2. AppCompat library

AppCompat Library has been updated to version 21 and now comes with a new Toolbar widget which brings in the goodness of material design to android devices which don't have the lollipop running. AppCompat is what made the Google Playstore and many other app bring material design on most of the android devices which were not lollipop upgraded.

3. Android Asset Studio For Material design

This is resource you want to bookmark as this one is helpful in every project you start Android Asset Studio is the fork of Roman Nuriks Asset Studio. It has been modified to generate Android L icons and assets and also include 425 extracted icons from Google project polymer. You can genarate Action Bar and Tab icons, Notification Icons, Generic Icons and many more assets.

4. Material Colors

This Resource provides you with the hex values and list of the material design colors which come from material design guidelines. You can just selecet the color and the hex value of the color gets copied on your clipboard this may come in handy while working on the design of the application in early stages and while prototyping the application.

5. Droidicon

Droidicon provide a huge number of customizable icons which also include more than 700 material design icon and social icons. Droidicon comes with lot of editable properties such as adding strokes, color filters and transparency to your icon. Icons can be created of varies sizes and colors. Droidicon is the go to place for your app icon need which also supports material design.

6. MaterialDesignLibrary

Material Design Library provides most of the components and layouts of Android L which you can use in your android 2.2. It targets the compatibility issues of material design and helps you provide a uniform look for your application. This libarary comes with many android L components such as Floating Action Button, Flat Buttons, Switches, Progress Indicators, Sliders, Dialog Widgets Etc. It is very easy to implement in your project and well documented

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