8 Ways To Stay Up To Date With Android Development

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Android development is growing and oh boy its growing very fast, There is so much happening in the world of android development, There are new libraries, SDKs, Tools and Apps which are constantly popping up. In such a fast growing industry, if you want to survive and make it through then you surely need to stay up to date with android development and the latest trends in this scenario.

with the increasing popularity of android, there are many resources which could help you stay up to date with android development. There are Newsletters, Blogs, Forums and Youtube channels which are just here to help you do this and to further help you I have made a complete list of resources you should follow to stay up to date with android development.

The List Of Resources To Stay Up Date With Android Development

1. Android Weekly
Android Weekly is an android related Newsletter which issues every week and you can subscribe to this newsletter for free. It covers Android development news, latest libraries, development tutorials, Android Jobs etc.

2. Android Devleopers Offical blog.
This is the official blog from google and so this is the probably the first place where all the latest updates and releases are announced. Apart from the announcements this blog also provides you with the code implementation of different techniques in Android, you surely want to subscribe to RSS feed of this blog.

3. Google Devs Youtube Channel
If you are not much of a reader or you prefer the visual medium to get updated with Android Development then all you have to do is subscribe to Google Devs Youtube Channel. This youtube channel is like the a vlog of their official blog, but it has lot more than what the official blog offers. Make sure you subscribe to this channel.

4. Reddit.com/r/androiddev
As Reddit says They are the front page of the internet and this sub reddit is the front page for the android development, This sub reddit has more than 30k devs actively posting information about different android development releases, announcements, concepts, tutorials and common issues. Having a look at this sub reddit will surely help you stay up to date with the android development community.

5. Google Alerts
Google Alerts are very handy and can be used to be informed about a certain topic online. Once you subscribe to your selected topic via Google Alert, you receive an email daily with the latest news surrounding your topic.

6. Android Arsenal
Android Arsenal is a huge collection of android libraries and is being updated very frequently with new libraries so visiting Android arsenal once in a week would keep you updated with the latest android libraries.

7. Follow Android Devs
You can also follow android developers and stay up to date with android development. Some of the android developers I am following are

  • Roman Nurik - Design Advocate at Google and Creator of Android Asset Studio

  • Jake Wharton - The Person behind ActionBarSherlock and NineOldDroid

  • Nick Butcher - Android Developer Advocate at Google

  • Koushik Dutta - Developer on CynogenMod and creator of ROM manager

  • Chris Banes - Android Developers Program Engineer at Google 

8. Blogs
These are some of the top blogs you should be following if you aren't already

  1. Android Police 
  2. Android Authority 
  3. Android Central 
  4. Android and Me 

And Lastly, although this blog is pretty new, but I am very much focused and passionate about android development and I want to make this blog as one stop shop for android developer and up to date with android development, so if you like this post then please subscribe to www.android4devs.com and join me on this mission.

Akash bangad

Computer Engineer from Maharashtra,India. Trying to make my way in the world of mobile development. Steve Jobs admirer and techy at heart.


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