Mobile App Analytic Course By Google For Limited Time

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Google App Analytic Course

So you have work hard and developed a great app and now you are all ready to put it up on app store and then users would be able to use it and your app would become successful but hold on its not that easy as it sounds there are certain variables you need to resolve before you could ensure success of your app such as

How would users discover your app?
How would you track the user behavior on your app?
How would you target a specific set of users for your app?
How much time does the users spend on your app?
and many more.

The answer to all this questions is Google App Analytic Tools and now Google is providing a certified course for you developers to learn the fundamentals of app anayltic and improve your app discovery and profitablitly. This course is available From November 18th, 2014 to December 18th, 2014. The course material will still be available after the deadline but the certification will not be given to the users who register after the deadline.

The course is taught by Fontaine Foxworth, Product Manager for Mobile App Analytic at Google. The course is divided into 4 units with assessment at the end of every unit. The course is taught through very informative video lectures and a text transcript of the video is also available which will help you for the quick reference. The course also provides a video to the Q&As with Fontaine Foxworth at the end of course which answers most asked question about the App Analytic Tools

The Units are divided into following sections

Unit 1 - Introduction to Mobile App Analytic

Unit 2 - Attracting New Users

Unit 3 - Measuring behavior

Unit 4 - Increasing revenue

 Analytic Academy Q&A with Fontaine Foxworth (video)

The Assessment at the end of every unit are MCQs which are based on the previous unit learned, Video lectures are brief and to the point and the course could possible be completed in very short time. At the end of this course you would come out with decent implementable knowledge of App Analytic tools

So if you are interested in the taking the course you can enroll here Google App Analytic Course And if you are also interested in getting a certificate of the course completion the enroll before December 18.

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  1. While in the past we had to hack together our own solutions to track mobile apps (and they would still end up looking like websites in reports), the new Google Analytics' Mobile App Analytics easily allow us to track user interaction within our apps, with app-centric data surfaced in reports. Gone is the web-centric approach: mobile app developers will get thrilled to find that reports now reflect data that make sense to them as a business.

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