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If you are an android developer or you are just someone who has a great idea for an App but don't know how to exactly implement it or you are stuck in your development because of some issue. Times like this can be frustrating and difficult, but that's why I am here.

I have started Freelancing Service for developers just like you, Wether you want a complete App made from scratch or you want a part of the app made, you can HIRE ME just for that. 

I can help you build your android app from scratch and also provide you with helpful resources to help you develop apps on your own. 

My fees depends upon the type of project you are Hiring me for, you can contact me at and also make sure you add me on hangouts for easy communication.

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  1. Thanks for all! Your services are very useful and helpful. The services you provide are pretty good and cheap to be true.
    I have a perfect idea for android app. I want to adapt the site( and make it available for smartphones. I think it'll be great.
    Good luck!